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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

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Product Information

How do your products differ from the competition?

  • Czar Floors uses precise CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing machines to cut the wood. This method eliminates typical laser-cut process burned wood edges and allows for a perfect fit of the inlay wood pieces. Clean, unburned sides of the wood pieces in inlay allow for good adhesion between the pieces and the plywood backer.
  • Stone inlays are made using precise fit pieces cut by water jet from large marble slabs - unlike other manufacturers that use less expensive off-the-shelf tiles to cut parts of the medallions. Our method allows for minimum seams in the final product. No grouting or assembly is required.
  • Czar Floors stone medallions use a sturdy aluminum backer. This "space" material is light and strong, allowing for easy handling and shipping. It allows us to make large, up to 72" inlays as a single piece. Other manufacturers supply a set of pre-cut tiles that you need to put together on-site.
  • Stone or wood Medallions up to 72" can be made as a single piece, ready to install.
  • Largest in the industry selection of the original designs. Great variety of available standard sizes. Many inlays are available in stock for immediate delivery.
  • Our products are hand-assembled by individuals who have mastered the craftsmanship of woodworking using proprietary glue, specially designed tools, and technologies.
  • Czar Floors has the most professional, skilled team of designers and engineers to meet any challenge. This expertise allows us to successfully design and produce unique, beautiful floors around the globe. Czar Floors' designs received numerous awards.
  • 24/7 Installation Support. Call us anytime – day or night – weekday or weekend with any questions or installation challenges. That’s our commitment!

We take pride in our work, and that pride is reflected in every product that leaves our facility.

Are the designs painted on the wood surface?

Not at All. We do not use paint or stains to create inlay designs. Every pattern is made up of different wood species, carefully matched by the designer to achieve the desired color effect. From the picture below, you can see the edge of the B5 border. A top wood layer has different woods cut and inlaid to form a pattern.  It is mounted on the plywood backer for a 3/4" thick product.

Close up of wood floor  border B5 construction
Close up of wood floor border B5 construction. Top wood layer is glued to the plywood base

How would I install Parquet floor, Borders, or Floor Medallion?

We recommend printing instructions or refer the instructions on-line for your installers to review before installation. We offer 24/7 phone/email installation support.

What sizes do your medallions and borders come in?

We are offering wood medallions in many sizes: 12", 24", 30", 36", 40", 48", 60", 70" and up. Some intricate models can not be made in small sizes. However, we can scale medallions to much larger sizes and also make custom shapes. Minimum size is listed as first in available sizes for each model.

For non-round medallions, size is the major length. Square medallions are measured side-to-side. Octagonal medallions are measured corner-to-corner. If medallions are ordered as part of the project - square and rectangular medallions can be scaled to match parquet tile sizes.

Most 60" and 70" wood medallions are made as a single piece to eliminate the seems. Larger inlays may come in several segments. All large inlays pre-assembled at the factory to verify the precise fit of the pieces.

The border width for each model is specified in the product description. However, it can be customized from 4" to 12" for an additional fee. More intricate patterns may not be available in a smaller width. Borders are supplied in equal length sections, ranging from 20 to 36 inches depending on the pattern repeat. The sections are cut in such a way that when placed one-after-another, they form a continuous pattern. Unless noted, the border corners are the same dimensions as the border.

Parquet tiles sizes are also listed in the model description. Custom sizes available.

Stone medallions standard sizes are 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" and larger, made as one piece. Stone medallions can be scaled to any larger size but will be divided into segments.

Is it possible to get different materials in the inlay?

Yes. You can specify the woods or natural stones you would like to use.
Please look for the link "Modify design and submit for a quote Customize Design" above the model image if you'd like to modify our existing models. It will direct you to the online application to select and replace the materials. If the link is unavailable for this model - print out the model image, and mark your changes with a pen or marker specifying element wood types. Send by e-mail or Fax the drawing toll-free to (866) 631-0423. We will provide you with an estimate for the proposed changes. Click here to see available woods.

The same applies to the stone medallions. See available stone selection.

What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished inlays?

Unfinished wood flooring: Unfinished flooring is a product that must be job-site sanded and finished after installation. It's a preferred method for inlay installation to ensure a better fit and finish match. Medallions and borders are sanded and finished together with the surrounding floors.

Pre-finished wood flooring: Pre-finished flooring is factory sanded, finished, and only needs installation.

Czar Floors Medallions and Borders can be ordered pre-finished in the required thickness for an additional 10% charge.

Ordering Information

How do I order your product?

You may place an order using the shopping cart feature or by calling Toll-Free: (800) 577-2927. You may also submit your PO by FAX at (866) 631-0423 or by e-mail.
Credit Card payment options are American Express, Discovery, Visa, and Master Card. Accepted also money orders, personal or business checks (allow 5 to 7 days to clear the payment), bank wire.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a 21 ln.ft minimum for borders (in 3 ln.ft increments) and 100 sq.ft for parquet. Herringbone and plank minimum order is 200 sq.ft.

At our discretion, we can accept orders below this limit. Border corners are not sold separately. There is no minimum order for medallions.

What is the cost of shipping?

We offer free shipping for standard medallions purchased at full price via standard FedEx Ground service in the continental USA. Medallions up to 48" are shipped by FedEx Ground, fully Insured with Signature Confirmation. Medallions are packed in heavy-duty cardboard boxes with shrink wrap and foam protectors inside.

For parquet orders and large medallions, Czar Floors uses the nation's largest LTL carrier - FedEx Freight. Shipping is fully insured and trackable. Our staff members will work on getting the best possible shipping rate. Large medallions are packed in specially built crates to protect them in transit. Parquet is usually palletized, shrinkwrapped, and strapped.

FedEx Freight service is considered "curbside delivery." Meaning the truck will only go to the end of your driveway. Lift Gate service is included for parquet and large stone medallions. Inside-delivery may be requested directly with FedEx for an additional charge. We include Notification Service, so the carrier will call ahead to make an appointment for delivery.

The parquet shipping estimate is provided at the time of the order.

Note: Standard Ground shipping by FedEx does not guarantee the date and time of the delivery. For guaranteed delivery, please request Expedited Shipping by FedEx Express. Our staff will provide you with the quote.

How soon can I receive my order?

Unfinished stock items can be shipped within one or two business days after payment is cleared.

Please allow an additional four to five business days for prefinished items. To expedite your order, you may choose the express shipping option. See the Shipping information section above.

The Typical lead time to produce a new wood medallion is five to six weeks from the time of confirmed order to delivery. Stone medallions are about 7-8 weeks. Parquet production time may take from four to seven weeks, depending on the model and quantity. Some orders can be processed sooner. Some may take a little longer.

All delivery dates are estimates. We recommend that you do not book installation until you receive your product.

Please keep in mind that custom orders may take longer to complete. The actual production lead time for custom orders starts after Czar Floors receives written approval of the design drawing.

Can I order something custom?

Yes, we are happy to quote custom designs. The price is based on the time needed to draw the design and to cut and manufacture the design, as well as the size and wood species specified. We will give you a quote based on a drawing or photo. If you'd like to make a modification to our existing models, please print the product image, mark your changes, and fax toll-free to (866) 631-0423

A typical process for custom orders starts with Czar Floors designers preparing a drawing with the wood map. The drawing is submitted for approval to the customer. Our designers will make necessary alterations if requested. Production will start after receiving written approval of the design.

Can I return or cancel my order?

Yes, you can return with some conditions. Please check our Return and Cancellation Policy.

What is the warranty for my product?

Please check our Warranty.

Do you have samples?

Wood Samplers

You may purchase a wood palette of the common wood species used in our products.

Parquet and border samples

We offer some full-size samples of our standard products. We would ship a full parquet tile or border section, prefinished to demonstrate the floor's final look. It's a great way to ensure you like the product before purchase. Even better - we will credit the sample towards the order.

The sample's cost can be in the range of $100 to $500, depending on the size and intricacy. You may order several samples; however, only one sample can be credited toward the purchase. Shipping is extra. Please contact us for a price quote.

We do not have a sample for every model. Some samples may be unavailable at the moment of your request and must be manufactured. Please contact us to confirm the availability of the samples for a particular model. We may offer to substitute samples with a similar product. Custom product samples are quoted on the case by case basis.

For general hardwood floor questions, please check NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association). Czar Floors is a proud member of this organization.

Czar Floors products are "Green" and Eco-Friendly