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Hardwood parquet flooring and parquetry

Parquet Flooring

Parquet Floors from Czar Floors is an astonishing contrast to the ordinary hardwood floor. Czar Floors hardwood parquet is available in many modern patterns as well as classic European styles.
Parquet wood tiles are intended for glue-down installation over wood or concrete subfloors. Available in standard 3/4", 3/8" or custom thickness from a variety of wood species. Solid wood (no veneers) construction. If you need a custom pattern - we can make it for you.

Check the traditional Herringbone wood floor for "Parisian" look and feel.


Image of M29 Parquet
Image of Bordeaux Parquet
Image of Versailles Parquet
Image of Monticello Parquet
Image of Palace Parquet
Image of M21 Parquet
Image of M19 Parquet
Image of M2 Parquet
Image of M1 Parquet
Image of M3 Parquet
Image of M4 Parquet
Image of M7 Parquet
Image of M10 Parquet
Image of M11 Parquet
Image of M12 Parquet
Image of M13 Parquet
Image of M14 Parquet
Image of M15 Parquet
Image of M16 Parquet
Image of M20 Parquet
Image of MX1 Parquet
Image of MX2 Parquet
Image of MX3 Parquet
Image of MX4 Parquet
Image of MX5 Parquet
Image of MX6 Parquet
Image of MX7 Parquet
Image of MX8 Parquet
Image of MX9 Parquet
Image of MX10 Parquet


Minimum wood parquet floor order is 100sq.ft. Parquet is made to order. All prices for parquet flooring are per square foot.

Standard parquet is supplied unfinished, plain sawn solid hardwood, face-taped, square edge, S4S straight cut (no T&G).

We also offer the additional options of glued together solid modules, prefinished and T&G for an additional fee. However we recommend to use standard, unfinished material instead for the best results.

Parquet tiles sizes are differ by model. Please see item details for specific dimensions. Parquet sizes other than shown are available for an additional fee. Standard thickness is 3/4" solid wood. Some models available also in 5/16" thickness.

For radiant heated floors and critical applications we recommend to use rift/quarter sawn wood materials for the best results. Call for prices for rift and quarter sawn wood parquet.

If you need help calculating the amount of material for the room, please try our Floor Calculator or send us your measurements or drawings.

If you are interested in the custom parquet, please contact us. Please provide the following information for ordering: Czar Floor Model or your own sketch; Qty(sq.ft); Wood changes, if any; special grid size and thickness requirement.

Check our F.A.Q. page and Parquet Installation Instructions to find answers to the most common questions.

You may use the shopping cart or call us Toll free at 800-577-CZAR (800-577-2927) to place an order or make inquires.

Most common and popular parquet patterns are 12 inch and 9 inch traditional fingerblock parquet tiles. We offer this pattern in various configurations - M29 model.

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