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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

This Gallery presents examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Satisfied customers submitted many photos. This page is an excellent place to start getting ideas on the floor design, floor elements, and features.We can customize any flooring to fit your unique needs. Learn more about our Custom Work, and how to start a Custom Floor Design Process. More photos are available on our Instagram.

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ID:659; Custom Nautical medallion with coordinates ID:655; Custom Room design ID:654; Walnut parquet with border and medallion
ID:653; Basket Weave parquet with border ID:652; Basket weave parquet with border ID:651; Custom R/Q white oak parquet with border
ID:649; Walnut and White oak basketweave with border ID:647; Herringbone with Border ID:646; Custom marble medallion St.Peter
ID:645; Custom marble table ID:634; Custom Marble Medallion ID:629; Diana Marble Rug Medallion
ID:628; Custom M13 Parquet ID:626; Wood and Marble Landings ID:625; Custom Medallion for Oyster Farm
ID:622; Custom Granite SC2 Medallion for Outdoor Installation ID:621; Custom Monticello - Beveled Black Walnut and RQ White Oak ID:618; Custom Marble Border
ID:617; Marble Inlay
Marble Inlay #617 ©
ID:616; Custom Marble Floors ID:615; Custom Wood Landing  with Marble Floors Below
ID:614; Custom Galicia marble medallion with Brass ID:613; Custom Wood Medallion with Merbau Basket Weave parquet ID:612; Custom wood border with Merbau Basket weave
ID:611; Parquet made in Merbau with Medallion ID:610; Marble Inlay Floor ID:609; Inlay wood border
ID:608; Inlay Wood Medallion ID:603; Custom Rafael marble medallion ID:602; Disney theme marble medallion installed in hardwood floors
ID:601; SC2 medallion installation ID:600; Free Mason Crest Marble medallion ID:599; Custom parquet used for restoration project in Manhattan
ID:598; Unique project was to create root of the Tree of Life. 3D design was tied to the ornament in the glass door ID:597; PC7 wood medallion ID:596; Marble wide border for Breakfast Area
ID:595; Marble medallion with green onyx insert ID:594; Marble design for narrow hallway ID:593; Custom medallion as part of larger marble floor
Architectural Drawings Installation Photos