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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

Examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Many photos were submitted by satisfied customers. This page is a good place to start getting ideas on floor design, floor elements and features. Any flooring can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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Architectural Drawings Installation Photos
ID:273; R91 Medallion
R91 Medallion #273 ©
ID:276; R34 Medallion
R34 Medallion #276 ©
ID:278; Part of the Zodiac collection - Libra Sign
ID:279; PC7 Medallion
PC7 Medallion #279 ©
ID:280; R101 Medallion ID:281; P18 Medallion
P18 Medallion #281 ©
ID:282; Custom Celtic Knot Medallion ID:283; R1 Medallion
R1 Medallion #283 ©
ID:284; R60 Medallion
R60 Medallion #284 ©
ID:285; P17 Medallion
P17 Medallion #285 ©
ID:286; R37 Medallion
R37 Medallion #286 ©
ID:287; R106 Medallion
ID:289; Decorative small medallion PMX7 ID:290; PMX7 medallions can be used to spruce up the look of the regular parquet flooring ID:291; Custom giant R84 medallion
ID:292; Versailles parquet made in Merbau ID:293; White Oak version of Versailles parquet ID:294; M24 parquet
M24 parquet #294 ©
ID:297; r91b.jpg
r91b.jpg #297 ©
ID:298; p39-2.jpg
p39-2.jpg #298 ©
ID:299; Chess, Fingerblock pattern
ID:304; MX4 Parquet installation in Amalia restaurant in Manhattan ID:305; MX4 Parquet installation in Amalia restaurant in Manhattan ID:306; R92 Medallion
R92 Medallion #306 ©
ID:307; DYI Kitchens Renovations TV Show chose M4 parquet for this Kitchen ID:308; Barn, Custom medallion made off the old lithography ID:309; Custom inlay Butterfly
ID:310; B23  border with white oak parquet ID:311; Custom parquet Veronica ID:312; M2 parquet with Greek Key border
ID:313; B1 Border, M29 parquet with custom inlay ID:314; Custom medallion 12 ft. diameter ID:315; Custom wood Rug Narnia
ID:316; Combination of two parquet patterns ID:318; M29 fingerblock parquet with custom round border ID:319; P37 Medallion
P37 Medallion #319 ©
ID:320; Bear - custom inlay ID:321; 8 feet custom medallion ID:331; Custom  5ft. Marble medallion