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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

Examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Many photos were submitted by satisfied customers. This page is a good place to start getting ideas on floor design, floor elements and features. Any flooring can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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Architectural Drawings Installation Photos
ID:334; 3D unbelievable look of the Florizel parquet. It is flat! ID:337; Custom Library Inlay floor ID:338; Lucerne marble medallion
ID:340; Custom border element ID:341; Custom border Corner to replicate Italian antique Table inlay ID:342; M15 Parquet example in the Library
ID:343; Custom medallion inlay (based on B15 border corner) ID:344; Example of MX3 Artistic Parquet ID:345; Custom Parquet
ID:346; Greek Key custom border with Karerlian Birch and Wenge ID:347; Example of Greek Art Collection medallion ID:351; Stargate 80 in. medallion
ID:352; SR2 Stone medallion ID:353; Celtic Inlay with Custom Border ID:354; Custom Parquet. Maple field, w.oak and wenge
ID:355; Custom Basket Weave. Wh.Oak, Maple, Jatoba ID:356; Custom Parquet. Maple with Jatoba ID:357; Custom Parquet, variant of M13 model
ID:358; Custom version of MX44 Parquet ID:359; Custom version of MX26 Parquet ID:360; Custom Parquet with Bloodwood, Maple, Jatoba
ID:361; M7 parquet
M7 parquet #361 ©
ID:362; Parquet Florizel has 3D appeance all made using shades of different woods ID:363; MX24 Parquet
MX24 Parquet #363 ©
ID:364; Versailles parquet ID:366; Customized MX44 parquet ID:368; Custom Parquet with Walnut, Maple
ID:369; Herringbone with custom Wenge border ID:370; Maple Herringbone with Jatoba border ID:371; M19 Parquet in Red Oak
ID:372; M19 Parquet in Red Oak ID:373; Floor and Border project at Gallup HQ in Princeton ID:374; Customized B3 border at Gallup HQ
ID:375; Custom Medallion for Mexican Restaurant Chain ID:376; Lucerne stone medallion installed with hardwood floor ID:377; Custom Logo Inlay
ID:378; Customized MX8 parquet ID:379; P3 medallion with MX9 parquet ID:382; Custom Basket Weave parquet