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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

Examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Many photos were submitted by satisfied customers. This page is a good place to start getting ideas on floor design, floor elements and features. Any flooring can be customized to fit your unique needs. Learn more about our Custom Work. and how to start a Custom Floor Design Process.

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ID:145; R99 Medallion 60 inches ID:141; P2 (model P2R round) medallion 60 inches installed with MX1 parquet ID:136; R4 Medallion with M2 parquet
ID:134; Japanese girl Medallion ID:128; Custom Medallion ID:124; MX1 artistic parquet with B4 border
ID:123; B16 border customized ID:122; B11 border with M21 parquet ID:121; B16 border customized
ID:120; Custom Medallion with birds theme ID:119; B23 border
B23 border #119 ©
ID:118; MX5 Artistic parquet
ID:117; P37 medallion
P37 medallion #117 ©
ID:116; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #116 ©
ID:115; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #115 ©
ID:114; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #114 ©
ID:112; P3 installed without corners and b1 border ID:110; R76 medallion
R76 medallion #110 ©
ID:109; B5 border
B5 border #109 ©
ID:108; B27 border
B27 border #108 ©
ID:107; B21 border with M2 parquet
ID:105; B2 border with M18 parquet ID:101; Symbol of Sicily - Trinacria ID:96; R98 Medallion
ID:94; R81 Medallion with BA103 Border ID:93; R7 Medallion
R7 Medallion #93 ©
ID:91; R52 Medallion
ID:89; R39 Medallion ID:84; B46 Border
B46 Border #84 ©
ID:71; P22 medallion
ID:70; P20 wood medallion ID:68; P44 Medallion ID:67; M13 Parquet
M13 Parquet #67 ©
ID:65; MX3 parquet adds class to this Living space ID:63; Customized(inverted) P37 Medallion with B23 border and combinations of parquet ID:62; Close up of custom floor inlay. Designer-provided images were used to match glass door design
ID:61; Custom Inlay. Entire room floor was prefabricated as numbered tile panels precisely fit ID:60; Custom medallion made to match B21 border design ID:58; M2 parquet is sparkling on the newly installed floor
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