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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

This Gallery presents examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Satisfied customers submitted many photos. This page is an excellent place to start getting ideas on the floor design, floor elements, and features.We can customize any flooring to fit your unique needs. Learn more about our Custom Work, and how to start a Custom Floor Design Process. More photos are available on our Instagram.

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ID:629; Diana Marble Rug Medallion ID:628; Custom M13 Parquet ID:626; Wood and Marble Landings
ID:625; Custom Medallion for Oyster Farm ID:622; Custom Granite SC2 Medallion for Outdoor Installation ID:621; Custom Monticello - Beveled Black Walnut and RQ White Oak
ID:618; Custom Marble Border ID:617; Marble Inlay
Marble Inlay #617 ©
ID:616; Custom Marble Floors
ID:615; Custom Wood Landing  with Marble Floors Below ID:614; Custom Galicia marble medallion with Brass ID:613; Custom Wood Medallion with Merbau Basket Weave parquet
ID:612; Custom wood border with Merbau Basket weave ID:611; Parquet made in Merbau with Medallion ID:610; Marble Inlay Floor
ID:609; Inlay wood border ID:608; Inlay Wood Medallion ID:603; Custom Rafael marble medallion
ID:602; Disney theme marble medallion installed in hardwood floors ID:601; SC2 medallion installation ID:600; Free Mason Crest Marble medallion
ID:599; Custom parquet used for restoration project in Manhattan ID:598; Unique project was to create root of the Tree of Life. 3D design was tied to the ornament in the glass door ID:597; PC7 wood medallion
ID:596; Marble wide border for Breakfast Area ID:595; Marble medallion with green onyx insert ID:594; Marble design for narrow hallway
ID:593; Custom medallion as part of larger marble floor ID:592; Marble floor with solid Green Onyx insert ID:591; Marble Foyer
Marble Foyer #591 ©
ID:590; Center element for Dining room marble design ID:588; Corner close up for Dining room marble floor ID:587; Marble Foyer
Marble Foyer #587 ©
ID:586; Dining Room with custom whole-room marble design ID:585; Wood white oak parquet with medallion and border ID:584; Entry marble design
ID:583; Marble floor design ID:582; Marble Rug
Marble Rug #582 ©
ID:581; Marble custom medallion
ID:580; Marble  Hallway ID:579; Large custom marble design ID:578; Walnut Parquet with inlays
ID:577; Versailles parquet in plainsawn white oak ID:576; Classic Greek Key wood border around the fireplace. ID:575; Marble waterjet inlay flooring in the Basement.
ID:574; Marble borders ID:573; Inlay border corner with M2 parquet. ID:572; Versailles parquet with wood border in Living Room.
ID:571; Marble Entrance with dramatic stairs with custom marble threads. ID:570; Custom wood flooring border to match antique furniture design. ID:569; Hallway with custom marble inlay.
ID:568; Corner of custom wood border. Cut into the field parquet at the factory. ID:567; Custom marble floors in Breakfast Area ID:566; Rafael marble floor medallion installed.
ID:563; Custom marble stairs. Each thread individually made to size from solid slab, polished from 4 sides ID:562; Look from top on Marble Entryway ID:561; Marble design for Walking Bridge on top level
ID:560; Marble 'Parquet' with Border ID:559; Marble 'Parquet' ID:558; Custom 3D wood rug won 2019 NWFA Floor of The Year Award
ID:557; Custom curved border with RQ white oak parquet ID:556; Residence in NY, Living area with RQ white oak and border ID:555; Residence in NY, Foyer
ID:554; Tail Custom wood Medallion ID:553; Wooden 'Rug' inlay with Brazilian Cherry Floors ID:552; R/Q white oak customized M13 parquet and border
ID:551; Curved Wood Inlay around Stairs ID:550; Garden Medallion ID:549; Marble 'Koi fish' 15 feet across
ID:548; Customized Villa wood medallion as 'Rug' ID:547; Custom wood floor rug ID:546; White Oak Parquet with inlay ornament in maple
ID:545; Hallway with B2 border and custom parquet ID:544; Custom Parquet with Medallion ID:543; Rounded wood border corner
ID:542; Wood floor border corner with pear basket weave parquet ID:541; Wood floor border corner ID:540; Custom Wood border
ID:539; Wood Inlay Border, inlay in basket weave parquet ID:538; Wood Parquet MX6 ID:537; Wood Rug Floor Example
ID:536; Wood Rug Floor Elements ID:535; Wood Rug Floor ID:534; Wood Floor Inlay in Living Room
ID:533; Marble Kitchen Floor ID:532; Wall Marble Crest ID:531; Close-up of P40 wood medallion
ID:530; Small 8 inches crest for table inlay ID:529; Customized PCOMP02 medallion with coordinates ID:528; Family Crest
Family Crest #528 ©
ID:527; Custom wood border corner - antique vase replica ID:526; Chi Psi Fraternity Crest in wood ID:525; Marble floor with pre-cut medallion and border
ID:524; Shower marble floor design ID:523; Dining Room custom marble rug ID:522; Custom Marble Entry
ID:521; Part of custom marble room design ID:520; Custom Pre-cut marble medallion in Entry ID:519; B12 Border and Custom Parquet
ID:518; Hallway wood inlay design ID:517; Hallway wood inlay design with border and medallion ID:516; 15 feet inlay pre-cut into field
ID:515; Custom Wood Medallion ID:514; View from above on custom marble entry and wood parquet rug ID:513; Medallion inlay pre-cut into parquet at the factory
ID:512; View from above on custom wood inlay ID:511; Customized Magic wood medallion, ballroom ID:510; Lucerne marble medallion in Entry
ID:508; B2 curved border with Chevron in Rift/Quartered white oak ID:507; Wood Rug inlay ID:506; Custom, intricate  Wood Rug, pre-cut at the factory
ID:505; BA049 wood border ID:503; SP37 medallion in Carrara White field ID:502; Galicia medallion in Carrara White field
ID:501; Custom SC2 marble medallion ID:500; Country Club Logo Wood Medallion ID:499; Marble Fraternity Crest in Bathroom Wall
ID:498; Pre-cut inlay based on Leyla medallion ID:497; Custom border set in Rift white oak parquet ID:496; 10 foot medallion set in Maple parquet M19
ID:495; Custom room with pre-cut medallion and border corners in Maple parquet ID:494; Custom room design getting final coat ID:493; B11 border with double basket weave parquet in Rift white oak
ID:492; Customized Magic medallion in maple parquet ID:491; B2 border curved, set in Walnut parquet ID:490; Hallway with curved elements
ID:489; Custom Walnut parquet with borders ID:488; Custom walnut parquet with curved borders ID:487; Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms #487 ©
ID:486; Custom medallion with color impregnated wood ID:485; Koi inlays in walnut floor ID:484; Custom marble border
ID:483; Wood inlay Entry floor ID:482; Wood floor border and free-form inlay in maple parquet ID:481; Room with double marble medallions and border
ID:480; Custom marble border corner ID:479; magic wood floor medallion ID:478; Custom waterjet border
ID:477; Grapes marble floor in wine cellar ID:476; Custom marble entry floors ID:475; Maple parquet with custom border corners and medallion
ID:474; Marble design in bathroom ID:473; Grid parquet and border with maple and merbau ID:472; marble waterjet design in bathroom
ID:471; Combination if two wood borders B19 and BA099 ID:470; Bridge with custom wood design ID:469; Custom stairs with rift maple and merbau
ID:468; Custom border, parquet with rift maple ID:467; Bathroom with waterjet marble floor design ID:466; Waterjet inlay in Honey Onyx slab
ID:465; Custom scaled marble border and oval medallion in Crema Marfill background tiles ID:464; Garden medallion in foyer set with matching Emperador Dark and Carrera White marble tile ID:463; B4 Border with M2 in Merbau parquet
ID:462; Wood inlay in the overhead hallway ID:461; Corner of the intricate marble border ID:460; P39 Medallion
P39 Medallion #460 ©
ID:459; Close up of marble parquet with Wood grain marble, absolute black and crema marfil ID:458; Green Onyx Compass medallion 10 feet across ID:457; Marble Grapes medallion
ID:456; Custom medallion and border ID:455; Custom design Hallway ID:454; Creative use of parquet for Kitchen Island Top
ID:453; Bordeaux parquet, white oak in the Dining Room ID:452; Custom Parquet ID:451; White Oak and Bloodwood parquet
ID:449; Custom Inlay in Foyer ID:448; Parquet M2 in Merbau ID:447; Custom parquet and border, combination with stone
ID:446; Custom R91 Medallion 10 feet across ID:445; P44 wood medallion ID:444; Marble Medallion Dolphins-II can be used in pools, pool decks or inside the house
ID:443; Custom Logo for Yacht Club ID:441; MX5 parquet
MX5 parquet #441 ©
ID:440; Custom Modern marble medallion
ID:439; Custom Marble medallion with SB27 marble borders ID:438; Custom wood medallion ID:437; Custom wood inlay
ID:436; P11 wood medallion with M19 Parquet ID:435; Grapes custom wood medallion ID:434; Custom Marble medallion Nautilus with Celeste Blue Marble
ID:433; Garden III used as kitchen backsplash ID:432; Close up on Mega Yacht Lounge floor with Maple and Karerlian Birch inlay ID:431; Custom wood medallion for Lady Linda 187ft. Mega Yacht Lounge
ID:429; Emperador marble medallion. Shown with rubber edge protector ID:428; Customized SP26B marble medallion ID:427; Customized Dragon marble medallion
ID:426; SP37 marble floor medallion ID:425; Customized Vortex Marble medallion in square shape ID:424; Custom floor inlay for Game room
ID:423; Custom Nautical Medallion based on SC2 design in square shape ID:422; Custom Contemporary Medallion ID:421; M12 Parquet, Rift/Quartered oak
ID:420; M12 Parquet Close-up ID:419; Close up center of custom Library floor inlay ID:418; Library custom floor
ID:417; Living Room with Karelian Birch parquet ID:416; Stone waterjet medallion Venice ID:415; Stone waterjet medallion Polaris
ID:413; Stone waterjet medallion Breeze ID:412; Close up of custom parquet tile ID:411; Custom Flowers Wood Inlay and Border
ID:410; Geneva stone medallion preparing to ship. Black rubber edge protector and foam insure safe transit ID:409; Custom Stone Inlay ID:408; Callisto Stone Medallion
ID:406; Custom Galaxy Stone Medallion with Blue Stone ID:405; Custom P14 medallion with Walnut background ID:404; Custom Inlay parquet tile
ID:403; Custom Parquet Tile with Brass Inlay ID:401; Custom Parquet Tile with Brass ID:400; Close up of Celtics Inlay
ID:399; Scottish Logo Inlay ID:398; Boston Celtics Inlay with pigmented wood ID:397; Double Happiness Custom Marble Medallion
ID:396; Custom Fraternity Crest ID:395; Leyla Medallion example ID:394; Close-up of Leyla medallion
ID:393; Bordeaux parquet made in hand scraped, Character grade American Walnut ID:392; Versailles parquet example with White Oak and Walnut ID:391; PMX203 Example
ID:390; American Walnut Versailles Parquet ID:389; Charachter Grade White Oak Versailles Parquet ID:388; Charachter Grade American Walnut Versailles Parquet
ID:387; Rift/Quartered sawn White Oak Versailles Parquet ID:386; Rift/Quartered White Oak Bordeaux Parquet ID:384; Stair Landing with P18 Medallion and custom cut planks
ID:383; SP18 Marble Medallion with Crema Marfil field ID:382; Custom Basket Weave parquet ID:379; P3 medallion with MX9 parquet
ID:378; Customized MX8 parquet ID:377; Custom Logo Inlay ID:376; Lucerne stone medallion installed with hardwood floor
ID:375; Custom Medallion for Mexican Restaurant Chain ID:374; Customized B3 border at Gallup HQ ID:373; Floor and Border project at Gallup HQ in Princeton
ID:372; M19 Parquet in Red Oak ID:371; M19 Parquet in Red Oak ID:370; Maple Herringbone with Jatoba border
ID:369; Herringbone with custom Wenge border ID:368; Custom Parquet with Walnut, Maple ID:366; Customized MX44 parquet
ID:364; Versailles parquet ID:363; MX24 Parquet
MX24 Parquet #363 ©
ID:362; Parquet Florizel has 3D appeance all made using shades of different woods
ID:361; M7 parquet
M7 parquet #361 ©
ID:360; Custom Parquet with Bloodwood, Maple, Jatoba ID:359; Custom version of MX26 Parquet
ID:358; Custom version of MX44 Parquet ID:357; Custom Parquet, variant of M13 model ID:356; Custom Parquet. Maple with Jatoba
ID:355; Custom Basket Weave. Wh.Oak, Maple, Jatoba ID:354; Custom Parquet. Maple field, w.oak and wenge ID:353; Celtic Inlay with Custom Border
ID:352; SR2 Stone medallion ID:351; Stargate 80 in. medallion ID:347; Example of Greek Art Collection medallion
ID:346; Greek Key custom border with Karerlian Birch and Wenge ID:345; Custom Parquet ID:344; Example of MX3 Artistic Parquet
ID:343; Custom medallion inlay (based on B15 border corner) ID:342; M15 Parquet example in the Library ID:341; Custom border Corner to replicate Italian antique Table inlay
ID:340; Custom border element ID:338; Lucerne marble medallion ID:334; 3D unbelievable look of the Florizel parquet. It is flat!
ID:331; Custom  5ft. Marble medallion ID:321; 8 feet custom medallion ID:320; Bear - custom inlay
ID:319; P37 Medallion
P37 Medallion #319 ©
ID:318; M29 fingerblock parquet with custom round border ID:316; Combination of two parquet patterns
ID:315; Custom wood Rug Narnia ID:314; Custom medallion 12 ft. diameter ID:312; M2 parquet with Greek Key border
ID:311; Custom parquet Veronica ID:310; B23  border with white oak parquet ID:309; Custom inlay Butterfly
ID:308; Barn, Custom medallion made off the old lithography ID:307; DYI Kitchens Renovations TV Show chose M4 parquet for this Kitchen ID:306; R92 Medallion
R92 Medallion #306 ©
ID:304; MX4 Parquet installation in Amalia restaurant in Manhattan ID:299; Chess, Fingerblock pattern ID:298; p39-2.jpg
p39-2.jpg #298 ©
ID:297; r91b.jpg
r91b.jpg #297 ©
ID:294; M24 parquet
M24 parquet #294 ©
ID:293; White Oak version of Versailles parquet
ID:292; Versailles parquet made in Merbau ID:291; Custom giant R84 medallion ID:290; PMX7 medallions can be used to spruce up the look of the regular parquet flooring
ID:289; Decorative small medallion PMX7 ID:287; R106 Medallion ID:286; R37 Medallion
R37 Medallion #286 ©
ID:285; P17 Medallion
P17 Medallion #285 ©
ID:284; R60 Medallion
R60 Medallion #284 ©
ID:283; R1 Medallion
R1 Medallion #283 ©
ID:282; Custom Celtic Knot Medallion ID:281; P18 Medallion
P18 Medallion #281 ©
ID:280; R101 Medallion
ID:279; PC7 Medallion
PC7 Medallion #279 ©
ID:278; Part of the Zodiac collection - Libra Sign ID:276; R34 Medallion
R34 Medallion #276 ©
ID:273; R91 Medallion
R91 Medallion #273 ©
ID:271; P10 Medallion
P10 Medallion #271 ©
ID:267; Fish symbol medallion
ID:262; MODA parquet installation ID:261; M2-Maple and P36 Medallion ID:258; P5 medallion
P5 medallion #258 ©
ID:249; Greek warriors medallion. ID:247;
 #247 ©
ID:246; Chess medallion
 #245 ©
 #244 ©
 #243 ©
 #242 ©
ID:241; This design received the Best Floor of the Year 2007 award. Exclusive wood species were used in this royal floor such as Amarant, Karelian Birch etc ID:240;
 #240 ©
 #239 ©
 #238 ©
 #237 ©
 #235 ©
 #234 ©
 #233 ©
 #232 ©
 #225 ©
 #222 ©
ID:150; P36 medallion
P36 medallion #150 ©
ID:149; R100 medallion ID:147; Modification of M2 Parquet pattern: white oak with maple border
ID:145; R99 Medallion 60 inches ID:141; P2 (model P2R round) medallion 60 inches installed with MX1 parquet ID:136; R4 Medallion with M2 parquet
ID:134; Japanese girl Medallion ID:128; Custom Medallion ID:124; MX1 artistic parquet with B4 border
ID:123; B16 border customized ID:122; B11 border with M21 parquet ID:121; B16 border customized
ID:120; Custom Medallion with birds theme ID:119; B23 border
B23 border #119 ©
ID:118; MX5 Artistic parquet
ID:117; P37 medallion
P37 medallion #117 ©
ID:116; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #116 ©
ID:115; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #115 ©
ID:114; Custom Inlay
Custom Inlay #114 ©
ID:112; P3 installed without corners and b1 border ID:110; R76 medallion
R76 medallion #110 ©
ID:109; B5 border
B5 border #109 ©
ID:108; B27 border
B27 border #108 ©
ID:107; B21 border with M2 parquet
ID:105; B2 border with M18 parquet ID:101; Symbol of Sicily - Trinacria ID:96; R98 Medallion
ID:94; R81 Medallion with BA103 Border ID:93; R7 Medallion
R7 Medallion #93 ©
ID:91; R52 Medallion
ID:89; R39 Medallion ID:84; B46 Border
B46 Border #84 ©
ID:71; P22 medallion
ID:70; P20 wood medallion ID:68; P44 Medallion ID:67; M13 Parquet
M13 Parquet #67 ©
ID:65; MX3 parquet adds class to this Living space ID:63; Customized(inverted) P37 Medallion with B23 border and combinations of parquet ID:62; Close up of custom floor inlay. Designer-provided images were used to match glass door design
ID:61; Custom Inlay. Entire room floor was prefabricated as numbered tile panels precisely fit ID:60; Custom medallion made to match B21 border design ID:58; M2 parquet is sparkling on the newly installed floor
ID:57; Gorgeous combination of artistic MX10 parquet surrounded by B6 border and M2 parquet ID:55; P11 Medallion in the Lobby ID:35; Intricate MX3 parquet nicely matches with B8 border and M13 parquet tiles
ID:30; P5 Medallion makes a great focal point in the plank floor ID:29; P4 Medallion surrounded by MX6 Artistic Parquet ID:26; MX11 is perfect for  the contemporary design room.
ID:21; M20 parquet and B11 border. This beautiful floor changes pattern as you look from different angles ID:19; Room w/ Polar Coordinates pattern ID:17; M9 parquet and B6 border
ID:16; B6 border with Fingerblock pattern parquet M29 ID:15; B6 border and M21 parquet ID:14; B5 border
B5 border #14 ©
ID:13; M2 parquet and B4 border ID:11; Room w/ custom Oriental design. Entire room floor was prefabricated and assembled on site. ID:9; Hallway w/ P11 medallion
ID:8; P11 medallion ID:7; MX9 parquet and P3 medallion ID:5; Customized MX10 parquet
ID:4; Room w/ MX9 pattern ID:3; MX9 parquet ID:2; MX1 parquet
ID:1; M21 parquet and B6 border
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