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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

This Gallery presents examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Satisfied customers submitted many photos. This page is an excellent place to start getting ideas on the floor design, floor elements, and features.We can customize any flooring to fit your unique needs. Learn more about our Custom Work, and how to start a Custom Floor Design Process. More photos are available on our Instagram.

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ID:580; Marble  Hallway ID:579; Large custom marble design ID:578; Walnut Parquet with inlays
ID:577; Versailles parquet in plainsawn white oak ID:576; Classic Greek Key wood border around the fireplace. ID:575; Marble waterjet inlay flooring in the Basement.
ID:574; Marble borders ID:573; Inlay border corner with M2 parquet. ID:572; Versailles parquet with wood border in Living Room.
ID:571; Marble Entrance with dramatic stairs with custom marble threads. ID:570; Custom wood flooring border to match antique furniture design. ID:569; Hallway with custom marble inlay.
ID:568; Corner of custom wood border. Cut into the field parquet at the factory. ID:567; Custom marble floors in Breakfast Area ID:566; Rafael marble floor medallion installed.
ID:563; Custom marble stairs. Each thread individually made to size from solid slab, polished from 4 sides ID:562; Look from top on Marble Entryway ID:561; Marble design for Walking Bridge on top level
ID:560; Marble 'Parquet' with Border ID:559; Marble 'Parquet' ID:558; Custom 3D wood rug won 2019 NWFA Floor of The Year Award
ID:557; Custom curved border with RQ white oak parquet ID:556; Residence in NY, Living area with RQ white oak and border ID:555; Residence in NY, Foyer
ID:554; Tail Custom wood Medallion ID:553; Wooden 'Rug' inlay with Brazilian Cherry Floors ID:552; R/Q white oak customized M13 parquet and border
ID:551; Curved Wood Inlay around Stairs ID:550; Garden Medallion ID:549; Marble 'Koi fish' 15 feet across
ID:548; Customized Villa wood medallion as 'Rug' ID:547; Custom wood floor rug ID:546; White Oak Parquet with inlay ornament in maple
ID:545; Hallway with B2 border and custom parquet ID:544; Custom Parquet with Medallion ID:543; Rounded wood border corner
ID:542; Wood floor border corner with pear basket weave parquet ID:541; Wood floor border corner ID:540; Custom Wood border
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