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Floor Design and Ideas Photo Gallery

Examples, photos of the wood and stone floors created by Czar Floors. Many photos were submitted by satisfied customers. This page is a good place to start getting ideas on floor design, floor elements and features. Any flooring can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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ID:10; Close up of P1 medallion intricate design ID:18; B15 border corner element close-up ID:20; M1 parquet and B3 border
ID:22; Custom design over M16 parquet ID:23; MX12 parquet scaled to fit the room with built-in furniture ID:25; Installation Phase of MX12 parquet blocks. Numbered panels assembled like Lego
ID:27; Installation Phase of P15 medallion using supplied template ID:28; Installation Phase of P22 medallion with MX8 parquet and round border ID:33; M15 creates intricate pattern that no carpet can replace
ID:36; M13 parquet nicely fit for traditional and contemporary setting ID:37; Combining patterns and border(B1) plank floor really shines ID:56; Compass Rose Medallion Options
ID:66; P40 Medallion in M2 parquet ID:69; Fine details of P40 medallion ID:73; Close up of R3 medallion edge border
ID:77; Unfinished Compass Rose. The medallion is inside the installation template. ID:78; P18 medallion ID:79; Finished P18 medallion
ID:80; View of 40 inches R97 medallion ID:81; Close-up of R97 elements. Engraving is used to define the details of the ornament ID:82; View of R8 medallion
ID:85; B68 Border
B68 Border #85 ©
ID:87; R27 Medallion ID:98; B85 Border
B85 Border #98 ©
ID:99; Large R110 Medallion ID:111; B21 border
B21 border #111 ©
ID:125; PC3 medallion
PC3 medallion #125 ©
ID:130; Medallion from MX6 parquet can be used separately to create a nice accent. ID:132; P26 medallion
P26 medallion #132 ©
ID:135; R1 Medallion
R1 Medallion #135 ©
ID:137; Compass Rose
Compass Rose #137 ©
ID:138; P1 Medallion
P1 Medallion #138 ©
ID:139; Close-up of P1 Medallion
ID:142; P4 Medallion
P4 Medallion #142 ©
ID:143; Close-up of P4 Medallion ID:223;
 #223 ©
 #224 ©
 #230 ©
ID:250; Customized BA104 border with merbau background